Apple HomeKit Explained

iOS & tvOS 10 Brings Home Automation to Apple Devices

There are many home automation products available today, ranging from Lamps,Switches,Thermostats,Fans,Locks etc. All of which allow you to setup your Smart Home and enable you to monitor/interact with them remotely with your iPhone from anywhere in the world. Apple call these home automation products “HomeKit” Accessoriesrange

A certified Apple home automation product displays this logo


We’ve selected a list of HomeKit products available today.


Please note: Some manufacturers require a separate piece of hardware called a “Bridge” this is used to interact with your HomeKit Device one such as Phillips Hue lights for example need the Philips Bridge, so please check the manufacturers information first to see if a “bridge” is needed or not.


We are keeping track of Apple HomeKit Products as they are released onto the market, as Tim Cook said in the last iPhone7 conference, “We are excited about HomeKit & expect this to very popular in the year to come, with over 90 new products becoming available before the end of 2016.”


As you can see HomeKit products vary in price dramatically, we suggest you start off small & cheap with a simple “switch”  like the Koogeek Wi-Fi Smart Plug for example, then build up your Smart Home from there, you can add as many or as few HomeKit Products as you wish, all are easy enough to setup with the new App that comes with iOS 10 simply called “Home” here’s the icon


Tap on this icon on your iPhone/iPad/iPod to get going.


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(Over  50 HomeKit products listed)

Here is a simple diagram of how HomeKit works when you are out of your home.

You will notice an AppleTV(4th Gen) acting as a Home Hub. iOS10 also allows iPad’s to do the exact same job although they must be plugged into a power supply for them to work.

This Home Hub interacts with all your HomeKit Devices within your home, allowing you to remotely access them when you are out.

Of course an AppleTV or iPad are not needed if you do not plan on remotely controlling your HomeKit Devices, they will will work directly with your iPhone when indoors.

Click on link below for a complete guide on how to setup HomeKit with your iOS device

Setting up HomeKit

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