iOS 10.2 Release Notes & Info

iOS 10.2 was released to the public today (16th Dec 2016)

Amongst the update notes there is a line that reads

  • Improves Bluetooth performance and connectivity with 3rd party accessories.

Previously on iOS 10/10.1 the Madcatz  C.T.R.L.i,MOGA Rebel & PXN Speedy MFi Controllers ALL had issues with disconnecting after several minutes or randomly dropping their Bluetooth connections.

We are Happy to report these issues appear to be resolved with the new update iOS 10.2 !

Update now to try it out for yourself.

Other notable improvements come in the form of Apple HomeKit notifications as you can see from the release notes above.

Full iOS10.2 Release Notes can be found here.


Steelseries have released firmware updates for the Stratus that fixes issues with iOS 10, download the installer links below, you will need a regular micro USB cable & PC or a mac to apply the update.


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