VypaGear Uni-Con [EN]

The VypaGear Uni-Con is a Unified Control System for gaming.

Bringing together the ability to play any of your favorite games from most popular Consoles or PC’s into the palm of your hand using Remote-Play. whilst also compatible with native iPhone/Android games running iOS16/Android 11. Direct-Play AppleArcade or MFi Controller support Appstore games. Uni-Con can also be used as a comfort grip for native Nintendo Switch gaming.

If you are new to controller enabled mobile gaming or a Pro, the Vypagear Uni-Con offers a low cost solution, allowing you to enjoy handheld gaming “switch” style at a fraction of the cost of all other MFi Controllers that are available, making it an ideal entry level solution.


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Features :

  • ExtendGripAutoLock securely holds all iPhone models with or without a protective case.
  • iOS16 / Android 11 or greater required for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con support.
  • Wireless charging for iPhone & Android phones with (Qi) capability.
  • Through hole design for access to the Lightning port for using headphones or fast charging capability. (5cm Lightning to Lightning cable provided.)
  • Simultaneously charge your phone & both Joy-Cons keeping you topped up & ready to game.
  • Disclaimer : USB-C Cable/Charger, Phone & Joy-Cons are not supplied.
  • Extended Mode: Extends to 176mm (Actual Grip Area), strong enough to even securely hold your Switch screen giving you a comfort grip for Switch gaming.
  • Compact Mode: Use as a standalone controller for Arcade gaming on Nintendo Switch (TV Mode) / AppleTV / iPad.

Supported iPhone Models

Vypagear Uni-Con can securely hold all iPhone models with or without a protective case such as OtterBox,Apple,UAG,Pelican etc. Your iPhone must be upgraded to iOS16 or higher to support Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. All supported phones are capable of wireless charging, just place your phone onto the powered Uni-Con’s charge pad to start charging your phone and attached Joy-Cons simultaneously, keeping you topped up while you game!

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone SE (2nd generation)
iPhone SE (3rd generation)
iPhone X
iPhone XR
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 13 mini
iPhone 13
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 14/Plus/Pro/Pro Max

iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max

Read our VypaGear Uni-Con FAQ for Android Phone Support.

Vypagear Uni-Con Features :

1: Nintendo Switch  Use the Vypagear Uni-Con in compact mode as a standalone bluetooth controller for a more comfortable grip whilst playing Nintendo Switch games on your TV, or use it to hold your Switch screen in extended mode for a more comfortable in the hand gaming experience. Add a USB-Type C power adapter & cable to charge your Joy-Cons.

2: Direct-Play on your iPhone, Play thousands of Apple Arcade & MFi Controller Supported games. (Requires iOS16 or higher). Play with or without a protective case, supports All iPhone models capable of running iOS16 & extends to a maximum distance of 176mm. Add a USB-Type C Power adapter & cable to wirelessly charge your iPhone keeping your battery topped up as you play. A 5cm pass-through custom Lightning extension cable is provided which allows for the use of headphones or fast charging.

3: Remote-Play from your Game Console or PC-Steam, stream games remotely to your iPhone screen and stream back connected Joy-Con controller data to your console/PC allowing you to play PS4/5, XBXone, Steam-PC games in the palm of your hand, for this you will need the appropriate App installed on your iPhone. Select an icon below to link directly to your gaming platform’s “Remote-Play” App to get started. Follow instructions in App on how to set-up remote-play.

PC-Steam Link Remote Play App

Steam Link

Steam Link

by Valve

Customer ratings: (2343 ratings)
Game Controllers Supported.
Price: $FREE

XBox-One Remote Play App



by Microsoft Corporation

Customer ratings: (1464220 ratings)
Game Controllers Supported.
Price: $FREE

Playstationâ„¢ PS4/PS5 Remote Play App

PS Remote Play

PS Remote Play

by PlayStation Mobile Inc.

Customer ratings: (14919 ratings)
Game Controllers Supported.
Price: $FREE
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Read our VypaGear Uni-Con FAQ for more info & troubleshooting.