Apple Arcade


But what’s it all about?

Apple Arcade  is a subscription based service from Apple, it costs $4.99 per month with the 1st month FREE. Your subscription will allow you to download exclusive Apple Arcade titles for free, of which over 100+ are promised.

  • Unlimited access to 100+ new games rolling out this fall
  • Share your subscription with up to five family members
  • Ad-free; no additional purchases necessary
  • Start playing on one device, pick up on another
  • Download to play, online or off
  • You decide whether to share your personal data
  • Works with Screen Time and parental controls
Where can i find Apple Arcade? 

Open the Appstore on your device and click or tap on the  icon located along the bottom of the screen or on the side bar on a Mac. Note: Apple Arcade is only available on devices that have the latest Operating System, these are:

  • iPad – iPadOS –  (*Launched on September 24th 2019)
  • iPhone – iOS 13 –  (*Launched on September19th 2019)
  • AppleTV – tvOS 13 –  (*Launched on September 30th 2019)
  • Mac – Catalina –  (*Launched in October 2019)

Does Apple Arcade support Physical Controllers?

Yes !. Many Apple Arcade games will support all Certified MFi Game Controllers (listed on this site), it also adds support for 2 of the most popular controllers on the market, the Sony PS4 DualShock4 and the XBOX One-S Controller. [Please note it is important that your XBOX controller is an “XBOX-One S”  controller as this controller has Bluetooth.].

  • Checkout our Apple Arcade Games section to see which games make great use of Physical controllers.
  • Click here to find out how to connect your controller to your iOS Device.