Rotor Riot MFi



  • ✓ COMPATIBLE with iOS – MFi certified – connects with all lightning connected devices running iOS 7 or later versions
  • ✓ WIRED CONNECTION with MOBILE DEVICE POST – Experience uninteruppted gameplay with no latency or lage with our wire controller. (No Batteries Needed)
  • ✓ L3 & R3 JOYSTICKS – The first MFi certified controller to offer L3 and R3 buttons to open up your gaming experience.

Got an XBox-one? Then GO MOBILE!  Stream your XBox Titles directly to your iPhone/iPad! Control them with the new RotorRiot MFi Controller (above) L3/R3 Clicky Sticks now supported in the App below.

Checkout the OneCast main site for more info…..

OneCast - Xbox Remote Play

OneCast - Xbox Remote Play

by Owen Stanley

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Price: $14.99