iOS 15> Controller Support

iOS15 & iPADOS15 are here, along with the OS update comes new features for game controllers, mostly the PS5 Dualsense & XBox One Series X Controllers,The Game Controller framework is built into iOS15, not the game, so you must update to iOS15 to enable the support. The first game to update making use of Controllers Rumble/Vibration motors is GRID AutoSport, & GRID AutoSport Custom Edition (FREE). We shall be keeping track of games that are updated to support the controller’s additional hardware and listing them in the Games List tab under “Advanced Controller Games” (this page) , click on the games below to show what advanced features are supported.

iOS 15/iPADOS 15 Advanced Games

Another feature of iOS15 / iPADOS15 is the ability to capture short 15 second videos directly from your game controller, this feature will work with all controller supported games. Here’s how to capture a video.

When in game, a long press on the controller’s “media button” will save the last 15 secs of gameplay to your camera roll.