Controller Testing Apps

Test the functionality of your game controller by downloading these free apps.

Game Controllers Supported:-

  • Sony PS5 DualSense Controller
  • Sony PS4 DualShock 4 Controller
  • XBox One-X Wireless Controller (4th Gen)
  • XBox One Wireless Controller (3rd GEN)
  • Razer Kishi Controller (MFi v2)
  • BackBone One Controller (MFi v2)
  • Steelseries Nimbus (MFi v1)
  • HoriPad Ultimate (MFi v1)
  • GAMEVICE Series of Controllers (MFi v1)
  • GameSir M2 Controller (MFi v1)
  • Rotor Riot MFi Controller (MFi v2)
  • PXN Speedy Controller (MFi v1)
  • Older MFi v1 Controllers EG: Horipad Wireless/Moga Rebel/Steelseries Stratus/MadCatz C.T.R.L.i/tT-eSports Contour.
  • MFi v1, refers to the first version of the MFi Manufacturing standard, these v1 Controllers do not have R3,L3 Clickable Sticks.
  • MFi v2 refers to the latest MFi Manufacturing standard, these controllers are more inline with the functionality of console (XBX,PS4) controllers, they have R3,L3 clickable sticks + extra function buttons like the “share & options” buttons found on a PS4 controller, updating your device to iOS13,iPADOS13 will support both PS4 DualShock4 & XBX1 (3rd Gen) Controllers.
  • MFi v3 will refer to a Manufacturing Standard, these controllers are more inline with the functionality of console (XBX-X,PS5) controllers that support vibration motors, touchpad & programmable LEDs, as of July2021, there are NO MFi v3 Controllers available yet, but updating to iOS14.5, iPADOS14.5 adds support for both the PS5 DualSense & XBX1-X(4th Gen) Controllers.

NOTE: Although having R3,L3 clickable sticks is a standard on consoles and the way to go when it comes to gaming, out of the 1000+ controller supported games listed, 99.9% do not make use of R3,L3 sticks, this is something to take note of if you are just getting into Apple Mobile gaming, 2021 should start to see game developers start to support the v2,v3 standards. MFi v1 controllers are phasing out but, still offer 1000’s of games to play plus they hey can be picked up relatively cheaply if this is something you are just getting into and wish to save money.

Game Controller Tester Gamepad

Game Controller Tester Gamepad

by Emoji Apps GmbH

Customer ratings: (248 ratings)
Game Controllers Supported.
Price: $FREE
Game Controller Tester

Game Controller Tester

by Chibata Creations

Customer ratings: (107 ratings)
Game Controllers Supported.
Price: $FREE