Razer Kishi V2



Razer have updated their popular Kishi formfitting controller, mostly cosmetic updates giving a smoother curved look, which will sit more comfortable in the hand, its extendable bridge now fits iPhones (SE to 13 and is designed to bring console-level control to your mobile gaming. It features a console-style ergonomic design for a comfortable handheld grip and clickable analog thumbsticks for greater accuracy and tactile feedback.

Price & Availability : $99.99 (Amazon Link)

Accessories for Razer Kishi V2

The Razer Nexus App

Download the App to keep upto date with the latest firmware & test your controller functions.

Support Razer Kishi V2 Controller: 1/9/2022

Razer Nexus

Razer Nexus

by Razer

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Price: $FREE


  • Supports iPhone SE – iPhone 13
  • Console Quality Mobile Gaming Controls: Designed with cutting edge microswitch buttons, analog triggers, and programmable macros to bring console-quality control to your phone.
  • Universal Fit with Extendable Bridge: Features a stable, extendable bridge that perfectly holds all modern iPhone models, providing a secure fit that won’t come loose while you game
  • Stream PC and Console Games: Play full PC, Xbox and PlayStation games directly on your iPhone, with support for the biggest game streaming apps
  • Optimized for Maximum Performance: By utilizing your iPhone’s Lightning connection, Kishi eliminates input latency, allowing for responsive, seamless control—and features passthrough charging so you can power your phone as you game
  • Powered by the Razer Nexus App: Browse through over a thousand compatible games, record and share gameplay, and keep your Kishi updated with an integrated app that allows full customizability—all with the touch of a dedicated button
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed for both comfort and portability, enjoy long gaming sessions and a slim form factor for easy travel.