iOS15 New Features Preview

Apple normally release their major updates and new iPhone/iPad models in the month of September.

WWDC 2021 Keynote was aired on the 7th June 2021, This Keynote listed a host of new features coming to iOS/tvOS/iPADOS 15 below is a summary of whats in store.

Although this Keynote did not publicly mention anything about Game controllers they did however announce new Game Controller functions in their Developer section which we’ve extracted for you below.

iOS 15 Game Controller features:

  • ReplayKit (ReplayKit adds a rolling Buffer of Video & Audio to iOS) For Game Controller implementation a “Long Press” of the Controllers “Share” button will start/stop a ReplayKit recording, meaning the last 15 seconds of gameplay are saved as a video to your camera roll. This new feature expands on the 2 existing media capture features supported in iOS14.5 (see below)
  • PS5 Dualsense Adaptive trigger support see below video showing how the triggers work with popular games, this is a great addition for Apple gaming, The diversity of Apple game developers is vast, hopefully this will inspire the creative community to create unique ways to use this feature.