Steelseries Nimbus

Steelseries release their 3rd MFi Game Controller globally available on most Apple stores reasonably priced at USD $49.95, £39.95, €59.95 Compatible with all Apple devices with a lightning port & the Apple TV 4th Gen & 4K.

Only thing negative about this controller is the lack of L3/R3 Clickable sticks, but 99.9% of MFi Controller supported games available on the Appstore as of 2021 do not use this feature yet.   FEATURES
  • Pressure-sensitive buttons for precise gaming control
  • Console-style left and right analog triggers
  • Compatible with the full library of hundreds of MFi-compatible games
  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • Lithium ion battery recharges via Lightning connector for 40-plus hours of gaming
  • Four LEDs display your player status during multiplayer gameplay
  • Color-coded action buttons
  • Comfort and ergonomics of a full-sized controller

Buy SteelSeries Nimbus from an Apple Store