iOS14.5>PS5 & XBX1-X Controllers

Updating your iPhone/iPad/AppleTV to iOS/iPadOS/tvOS version 14.5 or higher adds support for 2 new controllers.The Sony PS5 Dualsense controller & Microsoft XBOX ONE Series-X controller/Elite Series 2.

PS5 DualSense & XBOX Series X Controllers


iOS/iPADOS & tvOS 14.5 or higher adds several new features giving support for the controllers Vibration, G-Sensor, Lighting effects and Touch Pad input. 14.5 also provides support for these features on the older PS4 Dualshock4 and XBX1 3rdGen controllers.

Note: XBOX ONE Series-X Controllers are Microsoft’s 4thGen controller & are listed as “Core” Controllers.

2021 Game developers will need to get onboard and update their apps if they wish to support these new features, we shall be keeping an eye on this adoptation that make use of these new features such as vibration being the most obvious one, of course will keep you guys informed of progress and have created a new catagory called “Advanced Controller Games” that list all games that use iOS14/15 (or higher) controllers new features.


In our opinon these are the best controllers available on the market today, not only in build quality but also price, if you already own one of these gaming consoles then simply pair your controller that came with the console to your updated (v14.5 or higher) iPhone/iPad/AppleTV via the Bluetooth Settings.

(Note: Pairing an XBX1-X or PS5 DualSense controller is the same process as pairing an XBX1 3rdGen & PS4 Dualshock)


If you don’t own a PS5 or XBX1-X Console then no worries, these controllers can be purchased separately, you can find these on Amazon, if you purchase from our Amazon affiliate links below you would be massively helping out in supporting this website. Thanks in Advance!

Please note : only official controllers from Microsoft/Sony are guarenteed to be supported by Apple, Avoid cheap 3rd party imitations.

XBoxOne X/S iOS 14.5 (or higher) Supported Controllers
Playstation 5 Dualsense iOS 14.5 (or higher) Supported Controllers

Accessorize your mobile gaming experience!

Listed below are some accessories for the new controllers to help aid your mobile gaming experience, Larger Cap replacement batteries/ Smartphone Clips /Extended Thumb Grips etc.

Accessories for XBX1-X/Elite 2 Controllers

Accessories for PS5 DualSense Controller