Backbone One

PRICE : $99


Backbone One is a formfitting MFi Controller for any iPhone that can run iOS13 (iPhone6s – iPhone12 Pro). It requires no external power to operate, just plug n’ play and your good to go.

  • Lightning port
  • Lightning port for charging and accessories such as Lightning headsets.
  • Headset jack
    3.5mm headset jack for headsets with or without microphone.
  • No charging
    Uses minimal power from your iPhone for long gameplay sessions.
  • Low latency controls
    Ultra-low latency powered by Apple’s latest Lightning technology.
  • Full button layout with clickable L3/R3 thumbsticks and hall-effect sensor-based analog triggers.

Availability & Price

  • Where to Buy? We have searched for outlets online and brick n mortar, to try purchase the controller with no success as of Oct29th2020, the only way to order one is through the App link (See below)
  • PRICE listing: $99, (i notice this is low key in their marketing sales pitch and for a good reason as it’s the mark of death for previous MFi Controller manufacturers)

Backbone — Next-Level Play

Backbone — Next-Level Play

by Backbone Labs, Inc

Customer ratings: (238 ratings)
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Price: $FREE

Here’s where it gets messy

I feel this method of sales is secretive and i can’t help thinking something untoward is going on here?. My reasons for feeling this way…on opening the App i was presented SOLD OUT! of the initial 3000 units, so sign up to our waiting list & get inline for the next batch. Heres my current postion.

This technique is used as a method of collecting potential customers prior to actually placing the build orders to the factory who is manufacturing the controllers. It shows lack of confidence in the market by “playing it safe”, this concern is justified being the train wreck disaster of MFi Controller sales history to date. So this “Pre-Order” is understandable but….then i got dragged down the fcd up circus routine BS of “hey if you add some friends” or “share this link” on social media you can jump the queue,,etc,,etc.

In the App there is even a cryptic Masonic symbol in the top right corner (see pic above), pressing it gives you a message to input a SECRET code so you can instantly purchase a controller…STOP…. JUST STOP…..

  • The fact it is NOT available from any other outet online or brick n mortar is a real concern, we have reached out to the company, but “as always” we are waiting on a response.


Looks great on paper, but the marketing and mystical availablity is not only restrictive it’s annoying with clickbait promises.

We shall wait to do a full review until we can actually purchase a controller from the NORMAL practices of purchasing. REVIEW units are useless to regular customers, it only encourages them to be sent down your rabbit hole of promises, we are not supporting this method of marketing and sales.

Advice to Manufacturer

  • Make it simple… 90% of regular Joe customers buy from trusted sources the Apple Store, Amazon etc…this is where normal people go to purchase “stuff”. Make it so.
  • If you are going to sell online direct.. REMOVE the cryptic BS and clickbait.

This Page will be updated if things improve AVAILABLILTY wise, but for now if you are still interested download the app and get in line.. or buy a RAZER Kishi or GAMEVICE