Steam Link PC Remote Play

Stream games your from your Gaming PC Steam library direct to your mobile devices screen over Wifi, Pair a blueooth controller (MFi/XBox S/X/PS4/5 Dualshock/Dualsense/Nintendo Switch JoyCon/Pro) to your iPhone/iPad and play remotely, Devices must be on same LAN/WiFi network.

UPDATE: V1.3.3 – August 30th 2023

  • Adds 1080P & 4K Streaming
  • Added Sensor Fusion support for Backbone One controller

UPDATE: V1.1.99 – January 8th 2023

  • Adds Nintendo Button layout for JoyCon Controllers

UPDATE: V1.1.89 – August 18th 2022

  • Added Backbone One Support

UPDATE: V1.1.84 – June 25th 2022

  • Added support for PS5 Dualsense & XBOX One X controllers.
  • Added Rumble support for Playstation & XBOX Controllers.

Steam Link

Steam Link

by Valve

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