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Barbearian from Kimmo Lahtinen, whose previous game Trigonarium also supported MFi Controllers, check it out.

Barbearian also follows suit with FULL MFi Controller support throughout, and it plays ridiculously well with the Steelseries Nimbus gamepad we tested with,

What is Barbearian? well you control a “bear” with an “axe” in a Hack n’Slash adventure, battling hords of baddies with different Ai, some rush you while others hang back and attack with ranged weapons, this leads to intense frantic button mashing and silky stick maneuvers to overcome the swarm.

Once the boss of the level is defeated you return to a central map where you unlock more levels, also here you can visit shops to spend your hard earned watermelons on upgrades and equipment.

Barbearian is available on the app store this Thursday 15th Aug 2018, (earlier in some countries)  be sure to grab one, you wont be disappointed.

Price: $8.99

Devs Preview Vid