VypaGear Uni-Con FAQ


Question : Does Vypagear Uni-Con work with Android Phones?

Answer : Your phone needs to conform to the 3 conditions below :-

  • Android 11 or higher natively supports Nintendo Joy-Con’s, however due to the vast variations with the Android operating system & thousands of smartphone manufacturers & models available it is best to test first to see if your Joy-Cons connect to your Android phone via the bluetooth settings.
  • For Wireless charging Vypagear Uni-Con uses the industry standard wireless charging circuitry so will work with most phones that have (Qi) wireless charging capability.
  • Size: Vypagear Uni-Con can extend to a maximum of 176mm, securely holding the majority of phones on the market.

Question: How to test Joy-Cons on my Apple iPhone?

Answer: Firstly your iPhone must have iOS16 or greater installed, then try a Free App on the Appstore store called Game Controller Tester this allows you to test the functionality of your connected Joy-Cons.

Question: What games are supported on Uni-Con?

Answer: All games listed on this website! The equivilant Android game on Googleplay store should also be supported. Select GAME LISTS from the main menu bar above or click here.

Question: How do i use Remote play from my Games Console/PC to my Android Phone?

Answer: For Remote Play gaming you will need an App installed on your Android phone from the Googleplay Store (see below for platform).

Get it on GooglePlay for XBox Series X|S/ XBox One (more info here)

Get it on GooglePlay for Sony Playstation 4 | 5 (more info here)

Get it on GooglePlay for PC Steam (more info here)

Question: How to test Joy-Cons on my Android Phone?

Answer: Try a Free App on the Googleplay store called JoyCon Enabler this allows you to test the functionality of your connected Joy-Cons. Upgrading to the Pro Version for $1.99 allows you to use Joy-Cons in any game that supports controllers.

Get it on GooglePlay FREE version of JoyCon Enabler

Question: Do i need “Joy-Con enabler (Pro version)” Android App?

Answer: Android 11,12,13 or greater already has native Joy-Con support. So the App is only needed on Android phones that do not have native Joy-Con support built into their operating system. Please test the Joy-Cons are supported on your device first if unsure.

Question: Does my Phone Support wireless charging?

Answer: Check with your manufacturer to see if your phone has wireless charging capability, Vypagear Uni-Con uses the industry standard wireless charging circuitry.

Question: Does my Phone Support Joy-Cons?

Answer: Check your Operating System version on your phone from settings, Android 11 or higher or Apple iOS16.0 or higher are your minimum requirement for your operating system to support Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, Set your Joy-Con’s in pairing mode & connect both via your phones bluetooth settings, Below is a list of phones we have tested Joy-Con support & wireless charging functionality.

Apple iPhone ModelsWireless Charging?Support Joy-Cons?
iPhone 8YESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 8 PlusYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone SE (2nd generation)YESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone SE (3rd generation)YESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone XYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone XRYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone XSYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone XS MaxYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 11YESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 11 ProYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 11 Pro MaxYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 12 MiniYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 12YESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 12 ProYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 12 Pro MaxYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 13 MiniYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 13YESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 13 ProYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 13 Pro MaxYESiOS16 or Higher
iPhone 14YESYES
iPhone 14 PlusYESYES
iPhone 14 ProYESYES
iPhone 14 Pro MaxYESYES
Android PhonesWireless Charging?Support Joy-Cons?
 Google Pixel 7/7Pro YESYES
Google Pixel 6aNOAndroid 11 or Higher
Google Pixel 6 ProYESAndroid 11 or Higher
Samsung Galaxy Note 9/10/10+/10e/20/20 UltraYESAndroid 10 or Higher
Samsung Galaxy S10/S21/S22/S23/S23+/S23 Ultra YES Android 11 or Higher 

– Untested on other Android Phone Brands –

Note: if your phone conforms to the 3 conditions above then it will be supported.

Question: Can i use headphones with Vypagear Uni-Con?

Answer: Lightning headphones are supported via the extender cable.

Vypagear Uni-Con is designed for iPhone primarily, and as most mobile gamers require privacy, we supply a small (5cm) Lightning to Lightning pass-through extender cable, allowing you to connect your Lightning headphones, this cable can also be used for fast charging, please read the user manual for troubleshooting.

For Android Phones with USB-C ports you will need a right-angle USB-C adapter (not supplied) to use USB-C headphones and fast charging. (suggested products below)

Question: My headphones are connected to the 5cm lightning extension cable but there is no sound?

Answer: Due to how Apple handle Lightning port accessories, the headphones must be connected to the 5cm extension cable first , this is before you plug it into the Lightning port on your iPhone, as the system sees the cable as an accessory. Unplug the 5cm extension cable with headphones still connected to it from iPhone Lightning port and re-insert to detect your headphones.

Question: When i connect my Joy-Cons to my iPhone it shows as 2 controllers not 1.

Answer: iOS16 has a built in mode allowing you to use your Joy-Cons as either 2 separate mini controllers or 1 unified full controller. To swap between modes simply hold down together the “Home Button” on Joy-Con (R) & the “ScreenShot” Button on Joy-Con (L) for approx. 3 seconds, see this article from more info.

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